My Converted and to HD version Upgraded Wersi Wega CD600

Mijn Verbouwde Wersi Wega CD600

I still own this Wersi organ, Wega CD600 and has been completely expanded as a basic package, except for the power amplifier. The power amplifier had to make way for a PC motherboard and power supply.

The Upgrade

As an amplifier I now use an external Mc Farlow amplifier of 2x180 Watt. The digital hall is also not built in, because I already used an Akai Digital Reverb EX90R in the initial phase with much more possibilities than the digital hall of the Wersi Wega CD600 itself, the intention was to build it in just like the external amplifier, but that still hasn't happened. On the PC I do not use onboard audio because of the limited possibilities and no separate audio card, because then I have to demolish the back of my Wega too much for the connections. As an audio unit I use Creative's EMU 0404 USB, which is an external audio unit.

In imitation of:

In imitation of the Wersi OAS models, I have equipped my Wersi Wega with a PC and CD-ROM (player / burner) and a Card Reader with USB and 2 keyboards, a touch screen is still a bit of future music, but it will certainly come. (click the photos for a better view of the upgrade).

Software packages:

Software packages such as the Theater miditiZer organ or the B4 II, Hauptwerk and other software packages can be controlled almost entirely by the Wersi Wega, among others both the upper and lower manual and the pedall, unfortunately the drawbars of the B4 II cannot be controlled by the drawbars of the Wersi organ. But since the B4 II has about 120 presets, and these can be controlled by the registration keys on the Wersi wega, the playing possibilities are nevertheless infinite, certainly because the organ sounds of the Wersi Wega can be mixed again with sounds of the B4 II or the Theater miditiZer organ or Hauptwerk and of course all other software packages such as eg Sessions Strings Pro or the Bandstand package from Native Instruments or any other VST steering program.

Video Clips:

In the videoclip Nabucco Slave Choir (Va Pensiero) is the effect and the possibilities such as, the organ vocals (female) together with the Vocals (male) from the PC on board can be heard well. Setting the latency (delay) of the PC Vocals slightly lower than the Vocals of the Wersi Wega makes the whole sound even more realistic. To the music Video from, Celine Dion & Barbara Streisand - Tell Him the keyboard with which the PC is connected to the Wega is clearly visible, a second keyboard is on the Wersi speaker box near the flat screen monitor for ease of use.

In the future:

In the near future I want to place a video of my wega CD600 and some sound possibilities on this website, that reflects the renovation and the possibilities created.

What or Who is Wersi:

WERSI is a company that started in 1969 in Germany. The two brothers W.E & R. Franz started to build the first WERSI instruments from the basement of their parents' house. Later she assembled a team of young technicians and music experts. Due to a lack of space, the team came up with the idea of no longer building complete organs, but to deliver the organs in kits, which resulted in a much lower price-performance ratio. In the mid-70s, artists such as Klaus Wunderlich, Franz Lambert, Curt Prina also made their entrance at Wersi, and these artists made the Wersi Orgels more known.

The Analog Wersi Organs:

De Wersi W 147 T -  W 248 -  W 157 T - W 285 S - W 258SK - WS2 Helios - W3 Saturn - W3 Concerto - W3 Zenith - WERSI W3 Classica - W4 Galaxis - W5S Cosmos - W1TC Combo - Toccata - W3SK Classica - W3A Concerto - were organs of the first order.

The Organs that I built:

I built myself 4 electronic organs, the first one I built was a Dr. Böhm type Starsound later followed two Wersi Helios organs, one for me and one for a friend, and a few years later in 1991 the Wega CD600 organ from Wersi that I described above.

And Organs that I once owned:

My first organ was a Solina A 200, the next one was a Solina P240, than a Rhiha Saturn, a GEM 600, dr. Böhm type Starsound, and from now on I no longer know in which order I had the organs. In any case, a Wersi Helios a Godwin portable organ, a Godwin SC 600 organ, a Kawai DX600, a Diamond 901 S, a Farfisa Louvre and a Riha Orchestra a Technics SX E66 a Yamaha Electone MC 600 a Wega CD600 and the last organ, I bought for the Wersi Verona GS500 was a Yamaha EL90

And Wersi Orgels / equipment that I now own:

Of course, the Wersi Wega CD600 with an upgrade to HD version. The Wersi Verona GS500 with the upgrade to the HD version. A Wersi entertainer keyboard, (it is more a one manual home organ than a keyboard). A Wersi Tapemaster Mididisk recorder M64. 2 Wersi Vocalis Active Speaker columns for the Verona. And 2 WERSI TS 5001 passive boxes for the Wersi Wega CD600. My big wish is to be able to buy a Helios with CX1 Rhythm, but unfortunately I have no more space at home, then a wall unit needs to be removed, but then my wife gets mad at me.

Wersi Verona GS500 Upgrade     Wersi Verona GS500 HD Upgrade

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