My Upgraded

Wersi Verona GS500

Mijn Geupgrade Wersi Verona GS500

This Wersi organ Wersi Verona GS500 I held since September 2017 and it pleases me excellent.

Of course:

I couldn't resist it, not only on the musical journey, but of course I also had to make an internal journey in the Wersi Verona. I know right away that I am going to replace a hard disk for an SDD disk and the CD Rom player for a Blu-Ray burner, the memory goes from 2 Gig to 4 Gig. And of course I immediately updated the software windows XP service Pack 2 to service pack 3, everything works (sounds) again like new.

The Upgrade:

As you mentioned above, I have now replaced the Hard Disk for a Samsung 500 GB SSD disk. What I had to pay attention to was that I used an SSD disk of the same volume, or a larger volume. In my case I have therefore purchased a 500 GB Samsung SSD disk for the WD 500 GB Hard Disk. Of course, be very careful when removing the old IDE cable, so that I don't unplug any other wiring unintentionally. Yes and then the Klone from your HD to SSD. I have specially purchased a Renkforce SATA docking station with Klone function for that. Any other way of Klone in the computer e.g. I advise against. Another may say that is possible. But I prefer to go the safest way, it costs a bit more, but it is better for my heart, because it remains exciting. After all, you have the heart of your organ in your hands and are doing a transplant? But I succeeded 100%. Today a new Blu-Ray burner is going in, I thought there was a CD player in the Verona, but it was a CD / DVD burner, only Windows no longer recognized it as a CD / DVD burner but as a CD player. In addition, there was a defect, because when inserting a CD he made a deafening noise and that only went away when you removed the CD again, not as pleasant as you are playing the organ. Furthermore, I have ordered two DDR3 DIMM 1600mhz memory banks of 2 GB each. There was one bank of 2 GB DDR3 DIMM 1600mhz, so I now go from two GB to 4 GB with somewhat higher specs. is also a bit faster. Of course I also had to know what kind of motherboard was in the Verona and find out what that motherboard supported. In my case it was an AsRock motherboard, the N68-GS3 UCC. I still have to look at the processor, that can be anything from an AMD Sempron to an AMD Phenom II X6 1090T processors, if there is another processor in it than the AMD Phenom II X6 1090T I am looking for this processor and when I find it, I will place it in the motherboard.

In the meantime:

My Verona has the nasty tendency for the sounds to linger when I play on the Verona for a while, hanging for half an hour or so and especially with recordings with sustain and / or long reverberation. As the sounds linger, this only went away if i set a different total preset. I assumed that it was because of the poor processor, which had to deliver quite a performance-oriented work. Or the memory, which was then only 2 Gig DDR3 1600, could be the reason. So what I had not yet placed, I wanted to replace the processor first.

So now a Processor upgrade:

From an AMD Athlon II X2 250 2 Core processor, to an AMD Phenom II X6 1090T 6 Core processor, which I found after some searching on Marketplace. I also installed a new AMD processor cooler. I found this somewhere in a wall unit at home. ''The Test''. I leave the Verona on for an hour without playing on it. And than i played the Verona for another hour with all the most complicated registrations, of course with sustain and / or long reverberation, I came to the conclusion that the hanging of the sound was over. And never came back.

But still a Memory Upgrade:

Now the DDR3 1600 2 GB Memory expansion to 4 GB DDR3 1600 (XP 32 bit not supported anymore) and then I can call myself a pilot of the Wersi Verona GS500, because if I press the volume pedal, it will take off.

I would like to upgrade even further, but I don't know what else I can upgrade in the Verona. Of course I will look for other Upgrade options. Maybe i want to replace Windows XP with e.g. Windows 7. Probably the 32-bit version of Windows 7, since the hardware and drivers of e.g. the Wersi DSP card SG12 probably does not support 64 bits. We'll see, I'll let you know here.

What or Who is Wersi:

WERSI is a company that started in 1969 in Germany. The two brothers W.E & R. Franz started to build the first WERSI instruments from the basement of their parents' house. Later she assembled a team of young technicians and music experts. Due to a lack of space, the team came up with the idea of no longer building complete organs, but to deliver the organs in kits, which resulted in a much lower price-performance ratio. In the mid-70s, artists such as Klaus Wunderlich, Franz Lambert, Curt Prina also came to make their entrance to Wersi, and these artists made the Wersi Orgels more known.

The Analoge Wersi Orgels:

The Wersi W 147 T -  W 248 -  W 157 T - W 285 S - W 258SK - WS2 Helios - W3 Saturn - W3 Concerto - W3 Zenith - WERSI W3 Classica - W4 Galaxis - W5S Cosmos - W1TC Combo - Toccata - W3SK Classica - W3A Concerto were organs of the first order.

The Organs that I built:

I built 4 electronic organs myself, the first I built was a Dr. Böhm type Starsound, later followed two Wersi Helios organs, one for me and one for a friend, and a few years later in 1991 the Wega CD600 organ from Wersi which I described on another page.

And Organs that I once owned:

My first organ was a '' Solina A 200 '' the following were a ''Solina P240'' a ''Rhiha Saturn'' a GEM 600 and from now on I know which organs I have had but no longer the order. At least a ''Godwin Transportable Orgel'' a ''Godwin SC 600 Orgel'' a ''Kawai DX600'' a ''Diamond 901 S'' a ''farfisa Louvre'' a ''Riha Orchestra'' a ''Technics SX E66'' a ''Yamaha Electone MC 600'' and the last organ I purchased for the Wersi Verona GS500 was a ''Yamaha EL90''.

And Wersi Organs / equipment that I now own:

Of course the Wersi Wega CD600 with an Upgrade to HD version. The Wersi Verona GS500 with the Upgrade to the HD version. A Wersi Entertainer Keyboard. A Wersi Elektra KF90. A Wersi Tapemaster, Mididisk recorder M64. 2 Wersi Vocalis Active Speaker columns for the Verona. And 2 WERSI TS 5001 Passive boxes for the Wersi Wega CD600. My only big wish yet, is to be able to buy a Helios with CX1 Rhythm, but unfortunately I no longer have space at home, a wand-closet has than to be removed but than my wife gets angry.

Wersi Wega CD600 Upgrade     Wersi Verona GS500 HD Upgrade

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