Wersi Wega CD600 HD Upgrade

Wersi Wega CD600 ''HD''

The Wersi Wega I built myself

I built this Wersi Wega Organ in 1991 and worked with the Wega for 4 years before it was fully expanded. This was of course partly due to the purchase price of the various construction kits.

Wersi Wega CD600 HD Upgrade

Wersi Verona GS500 Upgrade

Wersi Verona Organ GS500

I bought this Verona 2nd Hand in 2017

I have upgraded this Verona GS500 Organ with various options such as faster processor and better and quieter processor blower, more memory, also the Harddisk has been replaced by a 500 GB Samsung SSD disk.

Wersi Wega CD600

Wersi Verona GS500 HD Upgrade

Wersi Verona GS500 ''HD''

I could not resist the upgrade.

Wersi Verona GS500 Organ 'to' HD Version. So this became the next step for my Wersi Verona OAS. The upgrade to a Wersi Verona HD ultimately works well and Hauptwerk and B 4 II from Native Instruments e.g. functions perfectly.t.

Wersi Verona GS500 HD

What can you find on Wersi-Fan.nl?

On our websiteWersi-Fan.NL You will find various Manuals, Manuals, Sounds and Styles, Software Updates of various Wersi organs, such as the CD Series or OAS and OAX series. You can, among other things, view photos of the e.g. the Renovation \ Upgrade of my Wega CD 600 Organ, the Renovation \ Upgrade of my Wersi Verona all by myself (John Bijl). For example, you do not have to search for Wersi OAS freischalt codes (unlock codes) on this website. You will receive this at the official purchase of a sound of style package.

Who, what is Wersi?
WERSI is a company that started in 1969 in Germany. Two brothers W.E & R. Franz started building the first WERSI Organs from the basement of their parents' house. Later she assembled a team of young technicians and music experts. Due to a lack of space, the idea came to the team not to build full organs, but to deliver the organs in kits, which resulted in a much lower price-performance ratio. In the mid-70s, artists such as Klaus Wunderlich and Franz Lambert also came to make their entrance to Wersi, and who made the Wersi Organ more famous..

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